Build a better world through books

At The Story Station, we’re passionate about reading. To fall in love with reading, children need access to books. Not just educational books, but books that stimulate their minds, entertain and delight them and stir their creativity and imagination.

Want to get involved?

Are you a lover of books and story-telling, do you have a giving heart and are you keen to share the joy of reading with children? Or perhaps you are able to collect books in your community, school or business? We’re always in need of extra hands. Here are three ways for you to make a meaningful impact.

  • Donate your old books

    Donating your old books is a great way to directly empower children and have a lasting impact on our communities!

  • Volunteer your time

    We rely on dedicated volunteers who can contribute a few hours a week to sort through donations and collect and deliver books.

  • Sponsor a book

    Donate a few Rands through our donation portal, and we'll make sure to get books to those who need them the most.