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Behind every journey there is a story waiting to be told. And every story is a journey. Through books and reading we are able to visit destinations where we've never been to and places where we will never be able to go. Along the way we meet characters who become companions for a few pages, some will be guides that we return to throughout our lives, and other will become lifelong friends.

At The Story Station we believe that stories are meant to be shared and that they should travel as long and as far as possible, so that they can change and improve as many lives as possible along the way:

It's better for the environment. Every time a secondhand book is bought in stead of a new one, we make a small contribution to saving the life of a tree, making a small difference in the carbon footprint of the printing industry.

It's extra money in your pocket. The money saved on buying secondhand in stead of new, is money saved for you, our customer, to spend on something else that is important to you.

Books have their own stories to tell. Whether it's a sentence a previous owner has marked that you previously may not have paid attention to, or a note that they have left for someone on the first page, books change every time that they are read, offering every reader something new to take with them.

Stories don't lose value as they get older, but a story untold will become a story forgotten. There's a real pleasure to discovering a rare book that is not published anymore, and these finds will help you build an interesting and unique book collection.

Making new friends are great, but there's nothing like the companionship of someone you can be fully comfortable with. The spine of a used book will already be broken in. You can curl up with your new secondhand book in any position and take it wherever you are going next, without having to worry too much about bending and folding some of the pages.

Our mission at The Story Station is to connect our customers with stories that will change and improve their lives and reading experiences by giving books second chances.

We hope that you will enjoy the journey with us.
The Story Station Team


    If you are building a specific curated collection, our staff will be able to give you advice on how to grow your book selection, not only with the titles you are still looking for, but also those that you are not necessarily aware of yet.


    If there is a special book that you are looking for, let us do the hard work for you. We will use our network of book collectors, book lovers, and contacts within the industry to find that book for you.


    If you have books lying around that you're not going to read again, or that you don't have space for anymore, we'd be interest in taking them off your hands and finding them a loving new home.

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